Hardware-Networking & CCTV Courses

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Hardware –Networking and CCTV  Careers

Breaking traditional silos, computer hardware and networking that was once considered to be not a very lucrative career avenue, is slowly but steadily gaining a momentum. More and more students today are opting for computer hardware and networking courses. The cause of this paradigm shift in the realm of IT, it can be attributed to the wide use of computers, laptops, mobiles, desktops and internet in private and government organizations that have created huge demand for hardware and networking professionals.

CCTV Technician also known as closed circuit television technicians, CCTV technicians work for firms that specialize in security and personal safety systems and/or home maintenance. Individuals working as CCTV technicians are required to have very specific knowledge and experience. A CCTV Technician typically earns 350000 annually. Other factors such as company size and industry play a role in determining an individual’s pay.

  • CCTV Technician
  • CCTV Hardware
  • CCTV Service Engineer
  • Hardware technician
  • Networking technician
  • Networking Administrator